Dave, Josh, and I took a trip to Visegrad, Hungary. It was about an hour and a half train ride from Budapest. This was a fun trip, except the hill, which is a lot higher than it looks. A remarkable incident occurred; at Don Peppe's, the place we ate dinner at, they didn't offer us ketchup with our pizza!

Fortress on the hill

Dog riding shotgun on the ferry across the river


Waiting at the church while Dave looks for a place to stay.

On our way up the hill

I make it to the fortress just as they started closing it up.

Looking across the fortress. video

Magyar Magyic

Dave and Josh arrive

Old fortress

Dusk on the Danube


Dave, Josh and I

We found a young cica (cat) on the way back






When I picked up the cat it  used its magic to make it's eyes glow! Truly a remarkable beast!


Now we wander back to town and eat Dinner at Don Peppe's, then back to Budapest