Josh, Leanne, Paul, and I visited Prague in the middle of October. It was a pretty chilly weekend. The sky was clear, but it never really warmed up. There is an abundance of great gothic architecture...and an abundance of tourists.  I used to work at a Czech restaurant and I loved the food, but when we visited we had Pizza and Tex-Mex. It wasn't even good Tex-Mex, but the nachos weren't to bad.


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Walking towards the square from the train station

6:30 am

 Walking towards Charle's Bridge

Looking towards the castle.

Musicians at the castle clip

A church on the way to the castle

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Watching the changing of the guard at the castle. Movie

The cathedral

cathedral interior

other end

stained glass

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center window

cathedral movie

Lots of buttresses

and detail

Leanne, Paul, and Josh

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View of Prague from the castle

View in the morning.

More view, and a movie!

Leanne, Paul, and night

Charle's Bridge

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 Paul and Josh clip

Crowded in the middle of the day

Astronomical clock in the square clip

Main square, again. No matter where you wander off to, you'll always end up here.


Looking towards the castle

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One of my favorite images, partly because its blurred.


Charle's Bridge

We all knew Paul was bright, but...

Square at night