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This was a November trip from Budapest to London. We stayed at Josh's relatives house who were wonderful hosts. This was a great trip. We spent a couple of days exploring London, and the rest of the time with Josh's relatives.

Paddington Station London England.

Tower Bridge

Tower of London

Millenium Bridge

London Cityscape

Paddington Station

Tower Bridge

Tower of London

Millennium Bridge


Parliment and Big Ben

The London Eye

Big Ben

Westminster Abbey

Parliment and Big Ben London


London Eye

Big Ben

Westminster Abbey

Parliament and Big Ben

Traflagar Square

St. Paul's Cathedral

London at night.

Hampton Court

Trafalgar Square

St. Paul's cathedral



Hampton Estates

The Josh Hunter

Swans Hampton Court

Greenwich Maritime Museum

The Josh

The garden behind Hampton Estates. Notice the sheer number of floating poop machines.

Mary's dogs

View from Prime Meridian in Greenwich

Maritime museum


Wimbledon Centre Court




Centre Court Wimbledon


Buckingham Palace