The Mission: get my passport stamped at the border to validate my visa. The day started out damp and rainy in Budapest, but turned out to be very pleasant in Esztergom. 

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Steam train at Nyugati station (Budapest). The whistle on this thing is loud enough to made your ears bleed!

Beginning of a parade! I we could figure is that is was for a wedding.

More parade!


parade movie


A canal inside the city

Looking up to the castle

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looking up towards the Bascilica getting closer statue next to the bascilica Danube dividing Hungary and Slovakia

panorama video

front of the basilica

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archway interior more interior Josh and the interior still more

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organ looking towards small church cica in the courtyard Josh and I at the side of the castle

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There were a lot of snails on the path around the castle

looking up to the castle climbing wall on the side of the castle Josh view on the way to the bridge

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New bridge!

heading to Slovakia


view from bridge

heading back to Hungary

On the way back to the bridge we stoped inside a little church which had a choir practicing.