Dave, Josh, Paul and I took a trip to Eger in October. We got a really late start, and did some lazy sight seeing. Eger is famous in Hungary for its wine called Bull's Blood, and "The Valley of Beautiful Women" (we missed it), which has a bunch of wine cellars. Also Eger has some great Gyros.

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Started the day off with the church. Same architect as the one in esztergom

That's me. Taking the nice crooked shot.

We stopped at a wine shop where several very good looking girls worked. I tried to get a shot with everybody, but it didn't work.

We walked around for a while trying to find the castle. We got lost and ended up getting ourselves into a creepy medical village with no exit (no joke). We ended up doubling back with some other tourists.

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Secret Earth-Bastion? Sign me up!

looking off the castle wall.

Clip of Paul setting up a picture.

Paul in the distance.

Cannon power.

Dave and Paul's re-enactment of the siege of Eger castle.
Cinematic version Warning: somewhat random!

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No denying it!

Josh in a blurry tourist shot without the sign.

That's right! Walk away.

looking around for the ice cream shop before we head back