First Visit to Sopron

Pronounced "Show-prawn", at least that's how I pronounce it. Sopron is right on the Hungarian-Austrian border. Austria actually curves around the city. The citizens actually had a vote after WWI if it wanted to stay Hungarian, or be Austrian. They chose the former. Sopron is located in a hilly region that is considered the foothills of the Alps.  The city has a very medieval feel; most cities in Hungary have a baroque style. I visited  in early October. Although it looks sunny, there was a cold, biting wind that didn't let up the entire day. I arrived in the morning and left at 6:00 that evening. My camera ran out of  batteries right after I arrived, so I bought some non-rechargeables at the local supermarket. These didn't work very well; if I used the zoom, my camera would turn off. At least it took some pictures though. I later gave the batteries to Paul for his disc-man, he said they only lasted for 10 min. I guess they were cheap for a reason.

One of the many autoless alleyways. Roman Ruins   Fire Tower Built in Church
Main Square with plague pillar. "Goat Church". A local goat herder found some treasure in the hills and donated the money for the church...or so the story goes. ...and a Lotus Tinodi Castle. Aka the "Fool's Castle". Built by an eccentric in the early 1900's. Fooled me. I thought it was real. On the inside there were paintings and models, I thought this was a small castle for a local lord.


'Castle' is two stories.