The next day we set out for Sarvar.  Sarvar has the Nasdaly castle. Supposedly countess, went a bit mad one winter while her husband, the black knight (real nickname), was off fighting the Turks. She summoned all of the village girls to the castle. Once they arrived at the courtyard she had the girls doused with water, and naturally, they froze to death. Nothing too bizarre yet, but, as the story goes, she ate the genitalia off the corpses. Macabre. So now the motivational groundwork has been laid...prepare for disappointment.

Once at Sarvar we had a really crappy lunch at some kind of skater/surfer restaurant made out of plywood. Yeah, I guess the plywood should have been a clue to the meal quality. As I remember they only had some kind of soggy reheated meat sandwiches and only orange crush, they were out of everything else. It was Sunday, and they were the only place open. This really set the mood for the rest of the day.

The exterior of the castle wasn't much to boast about, but they had some of the original furniture on the inside, including some beautiful wood inlays. Part of the castle had been turned into some kind of commercial space with a small food booth (closed), the whole place was strange. After I took some pictures of the interior I was promptly informed that no pictures were allowed. So you won't see the interior anywhere else....

Sarvar, impart me some of your cheer! The infamous (among Hungarian guidebooks)  courtyard. The trip was taking its toll on some of our wary travelers (Dave and Paul). "Please, in the name of all things holy, don't let us miss the train home" It only gets worse from here, including indigestion from the unsavory meat sandwiches.

Find the Josh and win!

The evil mote of grass and pretty flowers in the foreground. Do your worst! The interior was neat since it was original.

Massive wood inlay

This is part of the commercial space I was talking about.  Cheery huh?

Summary: This trip was kind of a downer, mostly because of the weather.

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