Trip to Krakow, Poland with Franziska, Josh, Paul, and Slawa. Slawa spoke Polish which made many elements of the trip a lot easier. It was misty and chilly the whole time, but was still a fun trip. We also took a day trip to  Auschwitz and Birkenau.

Kazimierz Jewish quarter Remuh synagogue Remuh cemetery Wawel Castle  
Dragon Sculpture. Some of the postcards show it shooting fire out of it's mouth. Josh in front of the Vistula River behind the castle.     Wawel Cathedral
Wawel Cathedral A picture of a sign we took to fool Dave into thinking we took a helicopter ride Josh in the castle Josh way in back Something doesn't look right
To the dragon sculpture! Great Barbican Basilica of the Virgin Mary's Pigeons! City walls
Looking towards the basilica mideviel square with Christmas markets Josh takes a break at a coffee shop. fuzzy night shot Franziska!
  Slawa and Paul's chin Franziska and Paul on the train back to Budapest Sign above the train window.