Visiting Ohio State

A trip to visit the Ohio state mechanical engineering open house. I think you will enjoy these pictures, they are truly special!

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Here I demonstrate my mastery of a night shot from an airplane. For the untraveled, this is obviously Las Vegas 

Another Powerful shot.

I call this one, "rolling on the runway in Las Vegas."

Truly the magnificent art that only I can create.

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I promised pictures of Ohio State! I only took one because we were inside all day, and when I got back to the hotel I was tired from being up after 48 hours.

Now we are back in Las Vegas for the conclusion of my epic picture series.

You are clever, we are on the runway!

Yup, we're starting to take off.

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I am so good, there is now way you can tell I took this from a plane! And I bet you thought it was taken by a falcon or something!

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Beautiful angles

Approaching Denver

Sorry, you just squandered  a minute of your life.