In February we took a trip to see Autumn, Jade, and the kids at their new location: California, Maryland. The fun didn't just stop there though; we also took some fun side trips to the Naval Academy and the Calvert Marine Museum.

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Gearing up for a Tour of Annapolis I don't think I was thinking at this moment The first state capital in the US We arrive at the Naval Academy The Academies Chapel
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Looking back at the entrance Under the dome Only church where Sir Lancelot is portrayed in stained glass Stained Glass panorama Auntie Mae in front of the church
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Tecumseh The academy obelisk In front the dorms Noel starts to wear out
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Interesting houses Back at the capital The next day we spent the morning at the park near Autumn's Mom and Braden face off. Braden tosses the Boomerang.
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Braden Movie

NoŽl directs traffic at the kickball game

Braden gets a lesson in Kickball etiquette Elise pitches.. It's a bunt!
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Kickball Movie Paul stops by in the afternoon and we all head to Point Lookout Paul and I met in Budapest. A conversation about the geography of Point Lookout Noel gets historied out.
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Sea foam Jade and Natasha An interesting rock formation. I debated whether to give it to Braden for his rock tumbler. Jade takes us on base and shows us his hangar. Paul and I sit in a Black Hawk.
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Looking down the length of the hangar. A scrumptious Auntie Mae prepared dinner. Viewing the Ray's at the Calvert Marine Museum. Prehistoric shark bait.
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Lighthouse Museum at the Marine Museum. Large Mouth Bass Evan and Elise. Braden admires the machinery at the entrance of the museum. Evan sounds the alarm...these kids may need a nap.
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Shabadah battles the Nerf Scoundrels Reloading their pistols of misery. Autumn and Noel Spending our last hours at Piney Point
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Autumn negotiated this rental for us to drive back to the airport in.