Our day in Venice was enough of a positive experience to make our stay in Italy a neutral one. The one of a kind transportation system and the rotting medieval architecture were truly a sight to behold. Venice's economy derives most of it's money from tourism. The food and almost everything else is a rip (fruit cups sold by Chinese vendors being the sole exception). The people were very nice and friendly which was surprising considering the number of people that pass through each day.

Rowing Ornate building Taking the vaporetto to San Marcos Square Gondolas Basilica della Salute
A slow demise San Marcos Square More Gondolas Looking across from San Marcos Wandering around
Noel spots something A jelly fish! Some of the canals aren't odorless like Rick Steve's says Please sir, catch and release only. For your health! Doge's Palace
  stair case at the palace   On the way back to the train station  

On to Vienna...