Our trip to Budapest was very important on two fronts. First I needed to go back, as this was the entire motivation for the trip. Second, we needed to recover from the wretched night trains. We spent five days here. The first 3 were pleasant, but the last couple reached 100 F and slowed our touristic progress. Easily the best time of our trip.

Economics building Gellert hotel and bath Noel and I Szechenyi baths The bath has restored Noel's energy
The bath has made me wet. The castle structure in the park Ice skating rink Looking back at the castle structure. Museum of art.
Heroes square Museum of modern art Andrassy utca St. Istvan's basilica Opera house
Movie of some guys pushing a trabat with an EU flag at Bertalan Lajos. Our old gyros stand, new owner Martos dorm (where we stayed) Our Martos room Marcello's
view from gellert hill St. Stephens top of Gellert hill Erzebet hid Chain bridge and parliament
Castle hill Downtown University library Courtyard in the University Eszter, my Study Abroad advisor
Mattias church as seen from St. Stephens     The children's train The engineer is an adult, but the kids are the conductors
Train movie Our train getting off at the Erzebet tower The tower Closed
Taking the chair lift back to town Parliament from Castle hill fireworks Fishermen's bastion Mattias templom

Fireworks behind Erzebet movie.

Eating at the cheese soup place. Metro Movie Astoria


On to Visegrad...