Spring Break California

We started spring break off in King's Canyon and Sequoia National parks. The weather was great, and we had a terrific time spending the rest of the week at Auntie Mae and Uncle Jerry's house

Dave in front of a fallen Sequoia William inside a trunk     Dave inside a hollow trunk
  Find the dead Bluegill Views in King's Canyon Natl Park    
  Will, Mom, and me   The biggest tree in the world, General Sherman  
I am towards the bottom Will and Dave begin a snowball fight DaveandWill A little run off creek more snowballs


right after this I got pegged by Dave.

Then I found these giant pine cones for retaliation. They are about 12 inches long.

Mom walking from "Chief Sequoia"

Mom in front of the "House of Representatives".


A hazy shot of the Sierra Nevada as we begin our decent from Sequoia Natl Park.

Beach at Santa Cruz


Auntie Mae and Scooter the dog in the background