Pasadena/Los Angeles

Family trip to Pasadena for Arella's 30th and Alicia's PHD celebration.

Top of Mt. Wilson. This was a 14 mi. round trip hike Josh and I did. It butts up to the SoCal sprawl. Looking down at the false summit. Smogville USA.

Look closely and you can see downtown L.A.

Looking towards the top.
The original In and Out burger in Pasedena We went to the Pasadena art center car show. Here william is sitting in a Viper. Cool bike. Lambo
Saleen S7


Ford coupe that was in the TLC show 'Overhaulin'.  GT500 Callaway C12
The Batmobile Bizarre truck Downtown L.A. Reflection
Disney Auditorium. Looking from the Disney auditorium.. Disney Auditorium. Mt. Wilson from the car. On our way back to CO. Great shot!