Ann Marie's Hawaiian Graduation
 (Includes Auntie Maes Hawaiian Birthday)

We took a trip to see Ann Marie graduate from HPU. We stayed in Honolulu for 3 days and spent the rest of
the week at the beach cabins on Jade and Autumn's Marine Corp base in Kaneohe Bay.

I think this
 'Salad' started
 my digestive
Evan Auntie Mae's birthday party. Happy birthday for Auntie Mae.

Waikiki The Hawaiian palace Fort next to the palace. Kaneohe bay

"Off my boat!" Leaving some convicts at the sand bar to start a neo-Australia. "You're coming back right?" Strange marine life. Elise gets a lift

Our boat, driven by Capt. Jade. Autumn and Jade Noel and a dude butt line Braden gets swung.



Uncle Jerry and I practice our synchronized rope tying routine. More people arrive to inhabit our colony. It becomes too crowded, so we leave in search of another. Uncle Jerry obtains a battle wound from Braden Belly gash Braden and I get towed behind the  boat.

Everyone gets a turn. At Ann Maries graduation Taken during the valedictorian speech.

Mom, Ann Marie, Dad Uncle Jerry, A.M., Auntie Mae Me, A.M., Noel Elise Diploma

Remake of the crosier mountain Taco Bell shot. friends forever... Honolulu drizzle Elise and Braden View from our beach cabin.

Evan gets his lobe sea rock in the bay

Dad and the kids at Shark's Cove. Shark's Cove. We went snorkeling here. Geometric evergreens Our beach cabin Spot the mongoose.

The Super mom Not even a Super mom can tame this little beasty.