Serial Port Plot

I suppose this is probably only of interest to Bryan, but I'll post what it does anyways. Yes serial ports are outdated, but remain the easiest/only way to commuicate between PC's and microcontrollers.


Serial Port Plot opens the COM1 port,reads formatted data, plots it, and records it in a text file. In addition two Excel macros are included to open Serial Port Plot and display the data in an excel worksheet.

Data Format:

Best described by the following example: 42 85 95n 1.2 5 4n

Spaces denote a new column, and n defines a new row. Besides numbers,  spaces, and n, all other characters are ignored. In addition, only one space is used between numbers. Two spaces will signal and error and cause the whole row to be rewritten.

The "Stop" button records the data to a text file that can be read in Excel.

Serial program installation

This is kind of a pain to install....
The plot program uses Java Swing to perform the windowing tasks, therefore; an up to date version of Java must be installed. If you have jre1.5_04 installed then use the Installation Script instructions. If you have another version then use the Manual Install instructions. For some reason Swing won't display the "K" program icon if the program is run from another computer; I'm no Java expert so I just let it go.

1. Go to and download the latest JRE  if you don't have it already.

2. Install the run time environment.

Installation Script

The script is configured for jre1.5_04, if you installed another version open the script with a text editor, and change to path to match your jre. Then save the file.

Open Excel and install the add-in.

To run from Excel use the RunSerial macro;

To get values use the ImportText macro;

Manual Install

Make the directory c:\serial and copy the contents of serialjav\classfiles to it.

Copy the win32.dll C:\Program Files\Java\jre{yourversion}\bin

Copy the comm.jar and the file C:\Program Files\Java\jre{yourversion}\lib

Copy the comm.jar  C:\Program Files\Java\jre{yourversion}\lib\ext

Install the excel addin

To run from excel use the RunSerial macro;

To get values use the ImportText macro;