Winter Cabin '06

After Christmas the family spent the night at the cabin. This was in time for the second snow in a week that dropped 14" more. This made for some great sledding.

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We dig out the driveway from the first storm the 23rd Synchronized shoveling Noel spells my sore back Actually got less snow in the mountains than in town Triumph.
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We came back the 28th to spend the night. Here is my temperature logger at work. Noel gets excited about sledding The cabin after another 14" of snow North Fork from our bridge work continues on the sledding hill
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Jade and Autumn's new dog, Natasha Autumn and Natasha Noel and Tasha
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The hill starts up behind the driveway... then goes down onto the frozen river around a banked corner. Autumn prepares for fun. Ruby ponders the safety issues
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Elise Sledding Video Autumn Sledding Video Mom Sledding Video Evan Sledding Video Theresa Sledding Video
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Autumn Sledding Video 2