I got up at 4:00 am and drove the rough road to Yankee Boy Basin as far as I could in our rental. This unfortunately wasn't very far. I got to the shelf and found I couldn't go any farther because the road got washed out. It took all the nerve I could muster to back the car back under the shelf, in the dark. Not starting a the designated parking area added a lot of distance and elevation gain to the hike, and I was very happy to hitch a ride back with a gentleman who had a 4x4.

 I didn't make it to the top. I got stopped at a steep snow field near the top and it would take more than the marginal skill I possessed to cross it.

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Sunrise. Unfortunately the  camera was set on portrait mode the whole hike.

4x4 road

Yankee Boy Basin

Abandoned mine shafts throughout the hike

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Gully where many jerks carelessly dislodged rocks on their way up. These rocks picked up considerable speed on their way down and caused bewilderment and shouting fits in the hikers below.

Wilson Peak

San Juans

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 Where I turned around

shelf  I had to back the car under

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Mt. Sneffels

To Black Canyon of the Gunnison