USMC HI Family Reunion and Some Cabin Pictures

Pictures from the June reunion.

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The boys (and a girl) go fishing The girl supervises the boy. Once the fish was dead, the ventriloquism began. Mt. Toll Beginning the ascent of Mt. Audubon
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Southern view Mt. Audubon Working Hard Longs and Meeker  Bryan, enjoying the calm before his intestinal storm.
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Last stop before the top View from the summit At the top Sliding down the snowfield Andy
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Jade "Double Pump" S.C. Packing up Meeting at the cabin Horseshoe park RMNP
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Elk on Trail Ridge School pride? Snowfield Find the snowball. Noel loves snow. Just loves it.
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Mt. Ypsilon At the cabin Let's hear it for pack rats How little we knew about the evil lurking within these walls