December Blizzard

Some pictures of the storm that gave me a day off. After  hours of shoveling I'm not sure it was such a bargain.

stuck plow.JPG (106958 bytes) noels car2.JPG (54059 bytes) mxmas.JPG (69246 bytes) plow unstuck.JPG (88744 bytes) back of house.JPG (71454 bytes)
The plow gets stuck and our neighbor pulls it out NoŽl's car Plow gets through. Back
back of house2.JPG (88925 bytes) back porch.JPG (69935 bytes) rose garden.JPG (91073 bytes) caprice.JPG (57319 bytes) truck.JPG (65346 bytes)
Back Bedroom Back porch Drift over the rose garden. Caprice Truck
clear caprice.JPG (97928 bytes) driveway.JPG (107615 bytes) driveway2.JPG (63708 bytes) sidewalk.JPG (55469 bytes) guy's car.JPG (74641 bytes)
Getting cleared out oh my aching back Clearing out Noel's dads car.
clearing guys car.JPG (51140 bytes)
Getting NoŽl's car cleared out.