Paintball Bachelor Party

The weather started out bad, went to worse with pelting rain and hail, and then went to playable. When it started hailing I really thought we might have to call it.  Overall I think everyone had a good time. No one really dominated. I personally put on a clinic on how to get shot at inopportune times (no neck shots luckily).  Everyone belted someone else somewhere painful at least once, which is always gratifying.

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Paul gets hit


Walking back. Movie Clip

Josh gets hit

Uncle Jerry and Art

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Art and Paul

Recharging between games

William and Uncle Jerry load up

Dad refills

Josh admires Uncle Jerry's ball metering ability

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Dad_crouch.JPG (141672 bytes)

UncleJerryhidden.JPG (115357 bytes)

outofammo.JPG (133070 bytes)

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William stands guard

Dad behind cover

Find the Uncle Jerry

Uncle Jerry reveals he is out of ammo

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Group shot