Arella's Graduation

We flew out to Pasadena to see Arella graduate with her Masters from Loyola Marymount. Arella survived the 2.5 hr graduation just in time...Uncle Jerry and I were just to start our very own Seppuku club with his pocket knife as the ceremonial instrument. The long ceremony aside (mine was long too with with a horrible speech from the school president), the campus was beautiful and we were all proud of our wonderful sis, Arella. 

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Walking up the Arroyo by Pasadena

Arroyo Movie


Boston Street

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The first house I lived in.



Those pesky voices are back

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Just standing next to the grad lights up my eyes.

Arella serves her guests

Quick lose Auntie Mae!

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Alicia and I

Our card to Arella

Ann Marie complies and takes us to where she used to work for an excellent  milkshake,  Johnny Rockets.

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Let the games begin!

The graduation looks beautiful, but evil is a foot.

First, Uncle Jerry forgets his readers...

Then, suddenly, when speaker starts into the origin of the words  "Master" and "Doctor" and  the phrase "Lording knowledge over people", the babies realize they are in for a long, hot morning.

Shut up please oh merciful one. My ears bleed from your  spoken word

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Arella walks the walk

2.5 hours, oh please end it now.

An oasis? Free punch and cookies?  Now, Mr. Speaker, I will teach you the origin of the words "right" and "privilege".

Dad and Arella

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Mom and Arella

Emily, Arella, and Douglas

Ray and I

Arella's graduation party

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The veiw from Uncle Rob's place

Downtown Pasadena

The rail that takes us on our way back to the airport.