A Few Cabin Pictures

William and I went up to the cabin to help our neighbor add some braces to the back wall. It didn't take very long, so that left us with plenty of time to figure out how to make an ice skating rink, minus the skating, for hurting ourselves.

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Will finishes sweeping snow from the frozen river.

All groomed for ice skating. Will starts a a test slide.

It is indeed slick. But nobody owns ice skates. So grooming continues until we figure out something else to do with the ice.

Will demonstrates his clever  ice thickness test. Here he jumps on the ice to determine whether it is thick enough to proceed. The results are remarkably simple to interpret.
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Since he didn't fall through William determines the waterfall is safe Grooming may continue. Satisfied, Will determines the best action to perform next would be to run down the frozen river with a broom in his hand and see how far he gets.

I agree with his analysis. This would indeed provide a satisfying end to our grooming efforts. The capstone.

On my way up the hill behind the cabin

will from high.JPG (78847 bytes)

from hill stitch.JPG (89067 bytes) river stitch.JPG (58700 bytes) down river stitch.JPG (80313 bytes) kitchen stitch.jpg (55091 bytes)

Will from up high

50 picture panoramic using AutoStitch. Missed several areas though. Looking up river Looking down river The kitchen with some distortion.