Mighty Will's Graduation

William "Dreamboat high school superstar" Karspeck's Graduation ceremony.

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William enters the stadium. The crowd takes notice of his arrival. The spectators are silent as William approaches the platform... The crowd cheers as Berthoud's favorite son receives his diploma. Cue roaring applause
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Out of respect William presses on because there are other graduates... such as Chris... and Justin... but everybody knows this day is Will's. The bench warmers

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Mr. Cool

minus the shades

Elise bears flora

Arella and William

Alicia and William

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Ann Marie, NoŽl and Michelle

Mom, William and Dad

Alicia and Autumn

Ann Marie, William, and Autumn

Group shot

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William and Chris.JPG (80264 bytes)

William and Jackson.JPG (85568 bytes)

Braden.JPG (107918 bytes)

William and a Dorkus with broken Wal-Mart sunglasses

Sonia and William

Chris and Will

Jackson, Will, and I-Don'tknowwhoyouare

Braden shows that with hard work, patience and thievery, a diploma can be had in under an hour.