William and I were a little jealous Auntie Mae got to go the hospital for her ankle. She broke it roller skating just as William and I arrived at the YMCA rink. So we did our best to try to legitimately meet her there with:


Will and John's 360 skate contest!

The Rules:

First person to do a jumping 360 wins. First person to go to the hospital gets a free milk shake, but doesn't necessarily win. If both occur at the same time, which seems very likely, then that person is the winner, gets a milk shake, and a pat on the back (unless it's broken).

'Now let's meet the skaters':



A 24 year old professional student, John is arguably the worst skater to hit the rink since Auntie Mae. Although he aspires to perform pirouettes and 360's, a trip to the hospital certainly must be in order for this ghastly wannabe roller man.

As a 17 year old high school student, Will can't skate with the best of them. He came dressed in spandex tights ready to "Roller Dance" with the ladies, but was denied entrance until he changed into something less thought provoking.

Let's Begin!

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Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

yes those are wool gloves on John's hands

Will seems better than John at this. In fact it seems like Will may practice skating in his free time. John recognizes this and gladly accepts defeat. Although this contest did not result in anyone going to the hospital, John eagerly awaits the inevitable onset of arthritis do to this riveting contest.