Great Sand Dunes National Park

Noël and I took a trip to Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado.
 It was a five hour drive there on I-25, but on the way back  we took the more
scenic U.S. 285 through Leadville. It was a fun trip, but unfortunately we missed the aspens change color.

Spanish Peaks
 near Walsenburg
Blanca Peak The dunes!


Sand Dunes Natl. Park Crestones behind the dunes I set up our desert fortress. The view behind us. The dunes call from our campsite

We soon become lost. Noël beomes delerious. Noel says she
 has found the
 way. I fear she
 has lost too
 much water, and I
 abandon her.
The bright sun sears my eyes as I ascend. All is lost until... I see a way out!

It turns out the dunes are easy to escape. I plan my retreat. The sun sets in disgust at my escape. I follow a tiny trail back to the campsite. Reunited!
 Against all odds,
 Noël fought off
 thirst and a
 particularly nasty
 kangaroo mouse to

Driving home through the San Luis valley Near Buena Vista Leadville, the highest city (not town) in the U.S.  at 10,200 ft.

Mt Elbert, highest mountain in CO. Driving past the Climax mine at Fremont pass on the way home.