Spring Camping at Pearl Lake

The ice had come off a couple of weeks ago, so mom and I wanted to get some good fishing in for some large Cutthroat trout. The weather wasn't great on Saturday. It was cold and windy with freezing rain and snow. Fishing Sunday morning, after canoe thawed, was pleasant. We ended up catching a lot of fish on Sunday morning, but all of them were under the 18" size limit. The biggest we caught was 16".

Fishing around the lake early Saturday morning

Hahn's peak in background   Fishing was slow, completing a walk around the lake

Daisies A Trillium Late in the Afternoon mom and I hike the back of the lake to some beaver ponds Climbing a hill

 Mom makes it to the top Dawn Sunday morning Mom catches a Cutthroat Stopped by Michigan Lake by
Cameron Pass on the way home

A moose!