Lost Lake Backpack Trip

 It starts at Dunraven Trailhead near Glen Haven, and follows the North Fork through Commanche Wilderness Area for about 4 miles. Then the trail enters Rocky Mountain National Park, and the trail goes for another 6 miles until it ends at Lost Lake. So its about 10 miles in (9.7 according to the sign). The trip was fun except I got the old 70's ghetto pack. Apparently someone took off the belt support so there was nothing but the shoulder straps. This really cut into my shoulders and caused some uncomfortable bruising. The following day I hiked to Mt. Dunraven (4 mi rnd. trip) before we hiked back. This was a neat area. With Hague's Peak, Rowe Peak, and Mummy so close, a three day return trip may be in order.

Wreck my shoulders please! Mt. Dickenson The trail is a continuous accent. Truck'n Lost Meadows
Mom Zonk Lost Lake   Dusk
Outlet Dawn On the tundra Some mosquito breeding pits. Outlet from lake Dunraven
  Lake Dunraven Hague's Peak Summit of Mt. Dunraven Saddle between Mummy Mountain and Hague's Peak
  Lost Lake Start of the North Fork A columbine