Thatchtop Mountain

Jade and I took an 11 mile hike up Thatchtop on July 4th. I thought Thatchtop would be an easier hike, but the mountain kept whispering sweet nothings in my ear like "your conditioning sucks." In truth I was rundown from wedding stress and the planning. The hike was a fun loop starting up the north side and coming down the south, and the views of Glacier Gorge were awesome. We thought a comment someone left in the summit log was funny, "Thatchtop is a cruel, unrelenting bitch," at the time I thought the statement was accurate.

Thatchtop parking lot.JPG (100099 bytes) thatchtop from loch vale trail.JPG (139358 bytes) loch vale.JPG (110893 bytes) loch vale2.JPG (135412 bytes) s-colouir start.JPG (164782 bytes)
Thatchtop from the parking lot Thatchtop on the way to Loch Vale Loch Vale Heading up the "S" couloir
jade heads up.JPG (210962 bytes) looking down s-colouir.JPG (173551 bytes) looking up to top.JPG (130211 bytes) estes valley.JPG (74522 bytes) glacier gorge view.JPG (98433 bytes)
Jade Looking down the couloir Looking up Looking back towards Estes
jade sunscreen.JPG (66248 bytes) Jade top.JPG (42887 bytes) irish jig.JPG (54768 bytes) pagoda peak.JPG (102606 bytes) long's peak.JPG (58604 bytes)
Jade applies more sunscreen at the summit Time for dancin Glacier gorge Longs
to powel peak'.JPG (81770 bytes) glacier gorge autostitch.JPG (147535 bytes) thatchtoppic.jpg (27859 bytes) jade heads down.JPG (109937 bytes) powell peak.JPG (103619 bytes)
Looking towards Powell peak Glacier Gorge Thatchtop view movie Walking down Thatchtop to Isolation lake Looking back towards Powell peak
jade cascade.JPG (120452 bytes) isolation_outlet.jpg (38482 bytes) cascades granite.JPG (98110 bytes) isolation2.jpg (38517 bytes) tarn cascades.JPG (92149 bytes)
Outlet of Isolation lake Isolation lake outlet movie cascades cascade movie
spearhead.JPG (85396 bytes) spearhead 2.JPG (91318 bytes) mills lake.JPG (83874 bytes)
Spearhead and Chief's head Looking back

Mills lake